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Shawline Digital RCA

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Digital cables are all the same? They’re not and it doesn’t take much listening to hear that. Detail is great but there’s not much point in hearing everything the bass player and drummer are doing if they’re not doing it together – that’s coherence and that’s what a Shawline Digital can bring to your system.

The Shawline Digital uses an ARAY conductor configuration that immediately makes it very different to most other digital cables. Just for a start – and like our other digital cables it uses identical conductors for the signal and the return, and there’s an ARAY conductor as well. The Shawline Digital uses silver-plated PTFE insulated conductors and they’re surrounded by a dual layer high density braid and foil shield to minimise high frequency interference. The design is very influenced by the high end digital cables that we developed, particularly by the degree of musical coherence they bought to systems they were used in.  Listen to the Shawline Digital and you’ll hear this. For music to produce all the magic and emotional impact it’s capable of the system it’s played on has to be able to produce coherent music and digital cables have big influence on that – especially ours. Most of our dealers have demonstration stock – so go have a listen. When an improvement is a musical one it’s very easy to hear.

The Shawline is available in 1 and 0.5 metre lengths and as well as direct silver-plated Chord VEE 3 RCA plugs we can also supply the Shawline Digital terminated with high quality silver-plated BNC plugs. Custom lengths are available to order.

For more information or to book a demonstration contact us on 028 91 812417