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LFD is a deliberately small company, well funded and thriving … and based in England.

We operate in the audiophile end rather than mass-market end of the industry and we deliberately keep a low profile. This is because every piece of LFD equipment is truly hand built – which means that production is not large and therefore every one of our models is subject to delivery delay varying from three weeks through to some months.

Our designs are proprietary which means that unlike some other makers we do not buy in preloaded off-the-shelf boards or apply similar cost cutting exercises. In many instances, key components such as the torroids that are part of our power supplies and our multi-diameter silver interconnects used internally in our more advanced products are built exclusively to our demanding designs and are not available for purchase by other makers.


20 years of evolution of the LE range of integrated amplifiers has resulted in the new LE (V1)!  After having indepth discussions with DR Richard Bews, owner of LFD and designer of the MK V1 he has advised me of the new specifications and improvments.  

A complete revamp of the input stage in the power section where the following: Carbon composite, carbon film resistors and polystyrene capacitors are employed.

Also changes to the PSU where higher capacitance nichicon low impedance capacaitors and larger Toshiba MOSFET output transistors are now used to increase the power output to 65W per channel onto 8R.

Both modifications are designed to give a fuller sound and better midband transparency bringing this very close to the NCSE.

LFD Amplifiers

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LFD MKVI Integrated amplifier



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