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62 Francis st, Newtownards, Co.Down, BT23 7DY

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Moores Hi Fi Used hifi Equipment

Chord CPM 2650 Integrated amplifier  



Chord SPM 1200 MK2 Stereo Power Amplifier



Chord  SPM 1400 MK2 monoblock power amplifier



Chord CPA 5000 Reference Pre Amplifier  



CHORD Amplifiers

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Intergrated Amplifiers - Our integrated amplifiers offer the most convenient and affordable way into Chord Electronics amplification ownership. Offering a choice of power outputs, plus a convenient DAC-equipped model, our integrateds carry all the hallmarks of our advanced pre-power amps in a space-saving package.

Power Amplifiers - Innovative clean power technologies and custom components within our stereo power amplifiers are what have propelled the Chord SPM series to legendary status in and outside the recording studio. Their ability to instantaneously react and deliver sheer power, whilst maintaining transparency and incredibly low distortion leaves you with nothing but a masterpiece.

Pre Amplifiers - When routing and attenuating signals, a Chord preamplifier both has flexible input and output options, and delivers the purest audio experience with absolutely no colouration and minimal distortion. The CPA 5000 is one of two ultra-high-performance models in the flagship Reference range, representing our finest preamp engineering. The CPA 5000 offers a substantially larger chassis than our Standard Series preamps and contains the latest proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supply. When combined with our ultra-low-noise circuitry, the technologies give the CPA 5000 an incredible noise floor performance of below -130dB.

Chord Amplifiers

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